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Kristin Collins Jackson

Kristin Collins Jackson is a writer, herbalist, certified aromatherapist, and Brooklyn transplant based in Los Angeles.  Her editorial work can be found on Bustle, POPSUGAR, Prevention.com, Extra Crispy, The New York Times, The Frisky, and Beauty Lies Truth. Her portfolio includes breaking news, cocktail recipes, 90s nostalgia, and plenty of DIY beauty recipes that will keep anyone coming back for more. With teaching experience and a natural gift for whipping up products in her own kitchen, Kristin's adverting copy and content creation is largely focused on food & bev, wellness and beauty. 

An active participant working with young survivors of partner violence, she has committed herself to ending rape culture. Kristin has lead media panels, fundraisers, and spoken word events to increase coverage of the issues closest to her heart. As a strong advocate for social justice, Kristin uses her voice to shed light on some of our nation's most pressing societal issues including race, politics, and dating violence. Kristin's commentary combines frank awareness with subtle humanity, giving fresh perspective to oft misunderstood controversies.

Peruse the Etsy Shop for natural deodorants, tinctures, and costume-made skin and hair products. 

Follow her adventures via Instagram kcjllc.