The Backstory

After years of taking a Western approach to healing, Kristin found herself struggling through both a mental and physical low. Unhappy, over-medicated, and lacking the tools to take control of her own life, she made the decision to leave behind the conventional medicines she'd grown accustomed to and explore the world of traditional, holistic remedies . 

Soon, she discovered that as humans, we have an astonishing ability to promote healing within ourselves. Aromatherapy and herbalism develop a framework to support and enhance our body's healing powers during both acute and chronic issues. 

Aromatherapy in particular can be a preventative measure to healthcare; putting nutrients on and in the body that are often only considered after a diagnosis can increase the immune system, promote happiness, and empower the body and mind. 

The KCJ Approach to Buer Beauty

The skin is a pathway into the body, with everything we apply to it, working its way to and through the blood stream. Not only do dermal applications have an effect on our actual skin cells, they also have the ability to reach our most cherished organs including the heart, lungs, and muscle tissue. Given this crucial connectivity, it's nearly impossible to heal the outer layers of our bodies without first healing the inside. For this reason, all of Kristin's beauty products are personalized and made to order.

The process begins with an initial consultation, where Kristin and her clients work together to identify individualized concerns and goals for every treatment. Given, clients may request additional applications/products knowing that each product is being made fresh to specifically meet their needs for the following: 

  •  Hair Care for Afro-Textured Hair: Growth, Breakage, Hydration, and Retention
  •  Mild to Moderate Eczema
  •  Skin Rejuvenation and Complexion Issues
  • Cystic Acne
  •  Uneven skin tones
  •  Hormonal Breakouts
  •  Cold Sores
  •  Dry Skin
  •  Shaving Irritation
  • Premature Wrinkles
  •  Ingrown hairs
  •  Oily Skin
  •  Deodorant*
  •  Sunburns
  •  Cellulite
  •  Circulation 

Beauty Isn't Just Skin Deep

Science has evolved to our modern, fast-paced lifestyles in an extraordinary way lengthening our life-span and improving our precious time on this planet. A problem in our skin, hair, and nails can be directly related to an underlying condition that goes beyond the dermal layers. The earth has given us all the tools we need to survive, but today, our lifestyle often warrants quick fixes to our problems that would previously be treated using only the natural tools available to us. A holistic approach does not necessarily have to replace medication or formal diagnosis, but rather ease symptoms and support  our own capability to self-heal. This approach often takes time, it almost always takes patience, but it will never harm you.

  • Balance Hormones
  •  Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Motivation enhancement
  • Headaches
  • Enhance Sex Drive
  • PMS
  • Mood Swings
  • Fatigue 
  • Pain Management
Love Your Pits

Love Your Pits

Restorative Healing Salve

Restorative Healing Salve

Specialty Items

Store-bought deodorant is often loaded with harmful ingredients, particularly for women. While KCJ believes in the power of beauty products tailored to the individual, the fact that natural deodorant doesn't always work and the dangerous alternative of traditional deodorants is taken into consideration. This unique blend of natural, plant-based oils and nutrients have been tested for all skin types to love their armpits and KCJ's *natural deodorant is always available for purchase. 

To purchase deodorant or more specialty items, visit our Etsy Shop

Aromatherapy Consultations

Because we at KCJ LLC, completely support the effects of custom-made products, we want to know everything about you! Even if you already know a cream is what you desire, we ask you fill out a consultation forms and know that every part of you will be considered when making your product. This client file helps ensure that your entire essence can and will be supported through plant-based ingredients in present and future orders. Once  a client file is opened, clients can rest assured that each and every aspect of body history and condition will be taken into consideration in the development any dermal product and application — forever. This file also allows Kristin to begin creating oil infusions in advance for all future orders. It also establishes a connection between herself and client, the tools for healing are provided by KCJ, but each client's body has the ability to self-heal, this is our favorite part: healing together. 

Consultations will be confidentially reviewed at a set price of $75 which includes up to 3 applications. Usually, only one consultation is needed and clients can order based on their needs.


The Etsy store is great for existing clients, gift ideas, or DIY connoisseurs that want to purchase homemade, cold-pressed extracts and tinctures. Orders on Etsy require just a few basics about skin type and allergies and are always made-to-order. 

The prices on Etsy are as posted.