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Kristin Collins Jackson

Kristin Collins Jackson is a writer, herbalist, and certified aromatherapist based in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Her published works can be found on Bustle.com, POPSUGAR, Extra Crispy, and Beauty Lies Truth. She spreads the natural beauty gospel, offering readers expert tips and organic recipes that provide easy alternatives to chemical and cruelty based products. Her private practice includes natural approaches to skin issues, pain relief, depressive disorders, and the common cold. Kristin performs personalized, hands-on instruction in the art of holistic remedies by teaching classes, giving students the practical skills and simple tools necessary to build better health independently.

As a strong advocate for social justice, Kristin uses her voice to shed light on some of our nation's most pressing societal issues including race, politics, and relationships. Featured in the New York Times, Beauty Lies Truth, Harlem Times, and the Frisky, Kristin's commentary combines frank awareness with subtle humanity, giving fresh perspective to oft misunderstood controversies.

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Follow her adventures via Instagram kcjllc.